On Page SEO checklist 2019

On page SEO is the pillar of getting rank your page on google SERP. While over time, some factors are less important in the end of year 2019, rather there is no alternative way of on page SEO to optimize your content for search engine.

Before go to the point let first know about the on page SEO.

Here is the list of important elements in order to optimize your page.

1. Choose a primary keyword for your content.

Before doing anything else, you have do keyword research and find out the main keyword.

2. Find out three to five related keywords for your content.

3. Write a title that includes the primary keyword

4. Write about 2000 words of body content

5. Add the primary keyword to create a 2-3% keyword density.

6. Use each related keyword at least once in the body copy.

7. Use the primary keyword in the first and last paragraph of the content.

8. Use the primary keyword in at least one subheading.

9. Add relevant internal links using targeted anchor text.

10. Set outbound links to open a new page.

11. Add at least one image.

12. Write an SEO-friendly URL that includes the primary keyword.

13. Add modifier text in the headline

14. Break up the long paragraph

15. Use bullet or numbering if applicable

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