Facebook Advance Audience Targeting

To make a Facebook Ad campaign successful the ad must be reached to the right people. Right audience selection increase the engagement, Engagement increases the sale. Moreover, the cost per result of facebook ad partly depends on the engagement. So, the right targeting will reduce Facebook ad cost.

Generally, three types of audiences audience can be created from Facebook Ads account.

  • Saved Audience
  • Custom Audience 
  • Lookalike Audience

Saved Audience

Generally we create a new audience from the saved audience. If your Facebook page is brand new or your page doesn’t have enough followers, you have to start with new audience.

A new audience can be created with several filtering options.

Location: You can target any area small or large according to your business location or service area. There are four types of location you can target: Region, Country, City, Post Code or Address. Simply type the area you want to target.

You can include multiple locations at a time and exclude specific areas.

Facebook Ad location targeting

Gender: Gender targeting is very useful if your product is specific for male or female. For example, you have a boutique house only for women, then you should target only female for better result.


Age: Suppose, you are selling anti-aging cream, there you need to target the peoples who are over thirty years old.

Detail Targeting: In this section, Facebook allows us to filter out the people according to demographics, interest and behavior

Interests are the easiest way to target for your products. You can target those people who have added thier interest related to your products. For example, you

Targeting based on behavior is very useful some time. for example, you are selling mobile accessories. There you can target the smart phone users with specific brand.

You can include more than one interest at a time. It means, Facebook will show ad to those pepole who will match any of the selected interest.

You can add more set of interest from the “Narrow Audience” option. If two or more set of interest is added from narrow audience, Facebook Ad will reach to the common part only.

There is a option to exclude any interest you don’t want to show ad.

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