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About Me

Hi, I am Md Razib Khan, a Digital Marketer and Trainer from Bangladesh. I have been working with small to large organizations to expand their business. I love to generate sales through different channels. I do love to learn and research.

I am also working as a digital marketing trainer in different institutes and government projects.

What A Digital Marketer Actually Does?

A digital marketer is responsible for developing, implementing and managing marketing strategies that promote a company and its products and/or services. He or she plays a major role in enhancing brand awareness within the digital media as well as driving website traffic and generating leads/customers.

A digital marketing professional is often responsible for developing the strategy implemented in marketing a company’s product or service online, utilizing such techniques in the field as social media, Web analytics, e-mail marketing and search engine optimization, among others. They may put together various online paid promotions, content creation and e-mailing campaigns to get their company’s message out, as well as perform consumer research to discover other ways of reaching customers via the Internet. Other possible job titles for professionals in the field of digital marketing include digital sales executive, SEO marketer and online marketing manager.

Digital marketing professionals in positions of leadership, such as manager or director, will oversee online marketing campaigns from program management to execution. They are usually required to provide clear direction to the other members of the marketing team, such as the content writer, web designer and sales executives.

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